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I'm 14 (almost 15), a freshman in high school, and I just wanted to know if anyone Violence My mom doesn't like me reading books like Looking for Alaska. of # Nerd, the thought that kept running through my head was 'this would make a.
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And much like Maddie, I was dating someone else when he finally announced his feelings for me. It made for an awkward situation But I loved seeing how it played out, even if Maddie didn't always do the honorable thing. Does the nerd get the girl? You shall have to read to find out. If you are a nerd, have nerdish tendencies, are friends with a nerd, or are crushing on a nerd, I think you'll enjoy this fun and quirky book. Thanks to Rockstar Tours and Entangled Publishing for providing a copy for review. View all 7 comments. Feb 23, Maida rated it liked it Recommended to Maida by: Amber.

Shelves: ya , socio-psychology , trauma , coming-of-age , graphic-novels. However, based on my own experiences in high school, I felt a strong kinship with Maddie, while simultaneously having the urge to shake some sense into her. And do you know what?!? I love that he is so comfortable in his own skin. Although I honestly did love this novel, there were some parts that left me somewhat disappointed. For example, I felt that the novel took high school stereotypes to an extreme.

It's as if she is unaware that there are actually other more important matters in this world. Furthermore, I must add that the romantic scenes in this novel are extremely lackluster. The intimate scenes in this novel are frustrating to read for many reasons. So the fact that there are virtually NO descriptions whatsoever about the feelings of either party during or after the kissing is just inexplicable. Really, truly inexplicable. I needed to know that The Phoenix is doing okay business-wise.

That was incredible! No, it was amazing! The Summer I Became a Nerd was just adorable! I know that each one of us has the secret identity — right-oh? Though I get the feeling that she exaggerate things at times I know that the way that she acts makes the whole story believable and realistic. Logan is the nerd guy I never even anticipate to like! He is such an adorable piece of thing. I know that his passion for comic and LARP runs deep into his heart.

The romance on the story was like another breathes of fresh air. I find myself thinking that I would never ever get tired of YA romance — from the cute, awkward and sweet moments to the petty fights. The imperfection of starting the relationship was just so cute. The story is not all about the cutesy and dorky notes; the issue of friendship, popularity and relationship are all well-discussed and mixed into the story.

The book ended in a really good note. The characters have shown great development plus the lesson behind it was well done! It was fun, easy, enjoying and such an adorable read! Aug 17, Diana rated it really liked it. I just loved this book. It is an easy read, full of fun parts that had me laughing. Before beginning, I have to say I am a nerd too, so all the comic,and videogames references, and the role playing things made my day.

The book follows Maddie, who decides to hide she is a nerd after a bad experience. So far, she has managed to be part of the "in" crowd, being a cheerleader and landing herself a quarterback as a boyfriend. But then everything spirals out of control when she goes to a comic book stor I just loved this book.

But then everything spirals out of control when she goes to a comic book store to get a number of her favorite comic book. She tries to go in in disguise, but Logan, the guy who mans the store, discovers who she really is. And from this point on, everything unravels. The book is really a fun read, following the adagio that you have to be who you really are in order to be happy, and being honest is very important.

View all 4 comments. I adored this but I couldn't help but wish there'd been more , as in an epilogue after 31, but it was still amazing! Before I read the books Books like this are the reason why Nerdfighter authors are awesome! And I created a new exclusive shelf for this book! I just need to read this now!

May 09, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-net-galley , ya-na. Maddie is a girl with a plan to stay popular. Right off I should say this is not my normal reading genre. That being said, I was able to enjoy this book because I knew what it would be going in.

And though I never thought those particular interests automatically labeled one a social outcast, Maddie obviously felt differently. Maddie coming into her own and embracing her inner nerd, as she thought of it, was sweet and it reminded me of all the awkward growing up I did at that same age. Watching her jerk Logan around repeatedly was hard to read but she made up for it in the end.

ARC provided from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review Jun 01, Stefanie! Full disclaimer: Leah Miller is my critique partner. I think she is awesome with a side of sauce, that's true. But on to her book. The first scene she sent me when she started working on this book made me laugh so hard that I fell out of our kitchen bar stool and knocked over the trashcan.

There's still a scuff mark on our floor where the metal corner hit. I blame her for this. But it was totally worth it. This, and every hilarious scene that came after, until this became a sweet, swoo Full disclaimer: Leah Miller is my critique partner. This, and every hilarious scene that came after, until this became a sweet, swoon-worthy, gut-wrenchingly funny and deliciously nerdy completed book.

I challenge anyone to read this book and not laugh. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that if Grumpy Cat could learn to read, he could read this book and then he wouldn't be grumpy anymore. That's right, this book can work miracles. It's that awesome. No, but in all seriousness--if you're looking for a clever, fun read that will also make your inner nerd feel all warm and tingly and stuffs, then do NOT miss this book!

Apr 16, Alisa rated it liked it Shelves: meh. Fast summer read. Complete fluff, but still entertaining. Full review to come. I received this book from the publisher. This in no way influenced my review. This was exactly what the title promised: a light and fluffy summer read. And warning: I've been talking with Nenia Campbell so this review will have many kittens.

Not a bad, I-like-watching-you-sleep secret, more like Fast summer read. Not a bad, I-like-watching-you-sleep secret, more like an embarrassing secret. She really likes comic books. It doesn't seem embarrassing for me if a friend likes comic books, but whatever. However, she has a reason for pretending to be one of those really popular chicks.

In middle school, there was some costume contest. Maddie came dressed as a comic book character, and everyone made fun of her, and she was scared of it happening again. Hey, I didn't say it was a good reason. However, every summer she lets her nerdy side out. She has a notebooks that she writes all her thoughts down about the comics she reads. No, she didn't have a kitten, but come on. Look at it! One day, the comic she ordered was out of stock, and it would be a while until the company shipped it to her.

Maddie decides to go to the comic book store and buy it. You must understand: This is a huge risk for her. She might have been spotted and her cover would have been blown. When she got to the bookstore, the guy at the cash register was reading it, but he gave it to her. He also went to her school and knew her. Is her cover blown? Don't worry. What happens next a whirlwind of fluff and happiness. Fluffier than this Maddie was a very relatable main character, even though I don't read comics.

She's fun to read. Though, she gets whiny and annoying sometimes. Logan was a nice guy. We need more of those in YA. There are too many dark, brooding guys. I rated this three stars because it didn't feel like it had a deeper meaning. Complete fluff, but very enjoyable. Overall, a very enjoyable book. Read for a fun and fluffy time.

I think I used too many "fluff"s in this review. Are there too many kittens in this review? Apr 13, Bipasha rated it it was amazing. You know, that ear to ear grin that gets plastered and refuses to be removed? I know. You know, cute guys? No, you don't. You know, nerds and cheerleaders?

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I wouldn't care if you did. You know, this book? You can read this review and more on my blog:. May 10, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , e-arc , ya , read-in-may You can also find this review at Have Book Will Read. It might be the bright colours on it, it might be the quirky font, hell it might even be the killer legs on it I WISH I had those legs!

I just really like it. Madelyne is a nerd. Only no-one knows that and no-one can EVER know that. Madelyne has worked too hard to hide her true nerd self, after a traumatic nerd shaming experience, to let it be exposed. Maddie has to go to the local comic book store to get her fix, and the fun starts from there! I absolutely loved this story! She was faced with two choices — she could either continue to hide who she was or she could show her true self and possibly find happiness with someone who liked her for exactly who she was - a nerd.

I liked Maddie a lot. I thought her going backwards and forwards with her feelings was normal too — did she really want to out herself and suffer what she thought would be the consequences? What a sweet guy! How many other guys would go help a girl out and pick her up when she calls out of the blue like that? Go read it! Because you vote one way or the other, because you go to one school or the other, because you look a certain way.

But you can make you happy. Seventeen-year-old Maddie is a popular cheerleader who does everything to keep her reputation "People are going to judge you for all kinds of reasons for the rest of your life. Seventeen-year-old Maddie is a popular cheerleader who does everything to keep her reputation in place. She's the perfect girl, the perfect girl-friend and the perfect student. However, Maddie is hiding a secret - she secretly a nerd who loves comic books. When an encounter with Logan; another nerd happens, she's left wondering what will become of her now.

Can she really be popular and a nerd at the same time? But can she always hide who she really is? I wasn't expecting much from this story, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up enjoying it. Maddie is a really fun character, one that I believe many readers will relate too. It's easy to see why Maddie hides who she is, I'm a firm believer that you should always be who you really are but, for a teenager, I can see why Maddie did her hardest to try and fit in - even if it didn't make her happy.

She was scared of becoming an outcast and I guess that would scare anyone her age. Logan really stood out as a character - he knew who he was and didn't care what anyone else thought of him. He's in touch with his inner nerd and proud of it. I really loved how he brought Maddie out of her shell when it came to the games conventions and dressing up etc..

I have to say it was interesting to read about the game conventions - I'm a total stranger to this world, so it read about it was very entertaining. The story itself, even though it was tad predictable, was still a great read. It's full of fun moments and a love story that is very cute. The Summer I Became a Nerd is definitely a book that you should check out this summer.

Readers also enjoyed. Videos About This Book. With millions watching via computer, Tim Cook, the Apple chief executive, who has an industrial engineering degree, unveiled three versions of the watch, hoping to broaden the appeal of a fashion accessory traditionally worn by the calculus crowd. Never before has the boundary between geek culture and mainstream culture been so porous.

Beyond Mr. An engineering degree is also no longer a requisite to using technology, as seemingly anyone today can install a printer or upload a video. Similarly, another signifier of nerd status — knowing obscure facts about favorite subjects — has also lost its currency. This year, the mania has surrounded video games. I have been married to a nerd for 21 years this week. He has all the characteristics you described and more, like a crazy obsession with cell phones.

Luckily he earns a good living to afford his electronics habits. Like having to have the latest video games, remote car starters, computer software. Some guys are known for their love of cars, he is known for the love of automotive wiring systems. I know he could not rest until their computerized flash cards were timed and gave them the actual percentage of accuracy. I think there should be an online support group for spouses and families of nerds.

Although our oldest 2 daughters are sort of nerdy by association. Need I say more. Our youngest loves horses, has her own horse, and spends little time indoors. My nerd boyfriend sent this to me and it really made me wake up to a few things. Not only did I laugh out loud, but I felt chills reading certain parts that I knew were spot on. Forewarned is forearmed but mine is definitely a keeper so this was fantastic.

Like many before me, my husband sent this to me so I could better understand him. I must say there have been many times when I reminisce about the days when I was my nerds project. This is the most fascinating article that I have stumbled across in a while.

The Nerd Test, ver 2.0

This should be cataloged, linked to from wikipedia and made available to anyone who wants to better understand a nerd. This is fabulous. Well done. This is a great post article. Something that i also will send to my friends. This helps explain the attention issue i miss from my nerd. He is reading this right now. I am glad that he wrote this article it clears a lot up. I just about fell off my chair laughing,reading this. My nerd sent me this. I have to say, you have him pegged. I happen to love all of his quirks and found this article hilarious! Thank you… I can understand me… I had never think I could understand me.

And, I can understand my nerd… mmm… we belong to two diferent kind of nerds… but, we are happy together… XD good article. My boyfriend calls me his geek quad. I love that. Finally my friends will have a shot at understanding my quirkiness. Without question, your post is well written and funny at some thoughts. But unfortunately it is a problem the to write about people in that funny way also called sarcasm without beeing a comedian. Overall — entertaining with a bitter aftertaste of polemic narcissism.

But its nothing new in this system because it seems to be a better way to live the life with lambencies. My boyfriend sent this to me earlier today, and well, this totally and entirely captures whats its like dating and being a nerd. You missed one thing: some nerd, true nerds, uber-nerds if you will, have multi-threaded parallel-processing brains. The relevancy filter runs in parallel on each stream of data the nerd or knurd for some small subset of the cognescenti can parse out of the input stream, and threads are allocated to process these threads into usable information. However, the algorithm for assigning tasks to threads is incomplete and error-prone.

I mean, get over it! Looks pretty spot on. Wonderful article.. I sent this article to all my family members so that they would understand my son. I am diffently going to buy the book as a Christmas present!! A lot to love in this piece. I smell another book in your future. Is it wrong that instead of sending this link to people, inviting conversation, that I instead blogged about it? Was considering quitting my job until I read this, and felt relieved to know that I am just a nerd surrounded my non-nerds, hence the frustration.

I have always had weird relationships with supervisors because I am ruthlessly efficient, hideously productive, and but am short and impatient when it comes to small talk. They could always find someone more pleasant, but never with the same capacity for ungodly amounts of work. Nerds are great for that. It is often scary as I am a nerd married to a nerd.

We wonder why we have very few friends, but then again, who cares? Great explanations for all the little things that have puzzled me over the last 18 years being married to a nerd. Ask me about my Excel spreadsheet for my last two years of lap swimming…. Brilliantly written, well executed. Glad to interface the world for a brilliant nerd.

You, sir, are a genius. I will definitely be forwarding this to my girl friend. This even helped me to understand myself better. Very interesting and definitly a very good article. Nod, nod, nod, nup, nod nod, nup, chuckle — big nod, nup nod etc. Amazingly accurate. I found myself reading this and going OH. Precisely, succinctly and absolutely. I made my boyfriend read this as soon as he woke up. You are a genius. WOW — I laughed so hard through this I was practically crying! Heck it took 2 wives to find one that would put up with me being me.

My husband sent this to me from work where I believe he lives in his cave more often than not. I think that this is one of the best things that I have ever read. I would however like to see sometime something on nerd parenting. I only say this because I would really like to know what he is thinking sometimes about our kids. I was reminded of this last night while my nerd was changing our son.

It is amazing what they think about and the logic that is involved sometimes. I think that I am definitely going to have to buy the book now. Not that I will have time to read it since I am married to a nerd and have children but I am willing to give it a shot just to see if maybe I can better understand some of the things that he does.

PS I have boys so I think I am going to save this article it may come in handy in oh say 15 to 20 years when they marry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is shocking how much of this applies to me. I used to have a Cave. This sadly moves my computer to the living room. My wife is all the happier for it, since I am closer by now. Jasper is crawling around behind you. My nerd pointed me to this blog, naturally. But this information is incredibly useful to me. Thank you so much. I have been with my nerd for more than two decades, and I definitely believe he is a keeper.

That makes much more sense now!! I think I understand my nerd even better, even though he may drive me crazy from time to time. This was a dead-on article. My exception s are; that I enjoy traveling, have zero difficulty in addressing a group when it periodically becomes necessary, and paradoxically I absolutely detest games with a passion.

And that happens in all your articles. Yet, I am here listening to music, typing some stuff in Messenger. TV is on, but no sound. By me there is an opened up PC which is like that for about 4 weeks, since my HD went bazoo and I spent hours trying to fix it, until I realized it really was damaged. This post is mostly accurate for me, minus a few rough edges. That was a hard habit to unlearn. Things that involve spontaneity, things of any kind that require the nerd to bypass his analytical center and utilize the intuition for making quick decisions, can be quite a problem unless worked on specifically.

And, of course, nerds always try to kill 5 birds with one stone… in this respect Aikido is great for keeping a healthy posture which then applies in front of the monitor as well , increasing everyday awareness while driving and walking, preventing carpal tunnel and generally keeping healthy joints and healthy cardiovascular health. That, and it looks cool, so when you get real good at it you can make your next project choreographing, filming, and editing your own version of Above The Law. Something like that. Great stuff, thanks for posting this.

Those who are chafing over nerd taxonomy—the differences between geeks, dorks, and spazzes—may want to check out Just What Kind of Nerd Are You, Anyway? It has been difficult for me to remain cool and not to cross signals since his way of communicating and living life in relationships is so different than mine. Your article has helped me so much you have won a reader for life.

If someone were to write a blog post about me and my life, it would match this post word for word. For pencils, I swear by the Zebra M Big thanks for this from THIS nerd couple who just read this post. Yesterday, I got real pissy. So we talked about it. Once we did that, we broke it into pieces, I assigned him and he took over bits of the project, and he set up a google doc to share to keep me posted on his pieces of it. Excellent article — hit the concept on the head! My friend, I think you are the one who is incorrect.

What Be Your Nerd Type?

Reading back all I said, I get to the point that no Nerd is Nerd because this article says it. No Nerd is Nerd because he has this or that characteristics. I appreciate more that my nerd asked me to read it which is super sweet, but it really has given me an insight that I had previously lacked. My nerd friend sent the link to this post…. My husband sent this to me.

And insightful! However, you did a bad thing. This is all so true. I have seen projects come and go. I have been the main project at several different points in our marriage, but I much prefer being multitasked. So people need to know that as a companion to nerds they are the sounding board and an important part of making those projects really work.

If we tune out they will know it, and may decide that project is irrelevant. Love your nerd and be patient with him and you will find him to be the best kind of man there is!!! I can appreciate the article and the comments and look forward to nurturing my very own nerd. I mean, how many perfectly good cycles go to waste as we attend bridal and baby showers? Truths, I tell you! Live your nerdiness! A blind one, at that. And when people shy away from me, that makes me shy away from them too, thus them thinking of me as unable to socialize.

But yeah, cheers to YtCracker blogging about this. I love being a nerd and being lazy about it. Just one, small square that houses my sleeping quarters. But, at least I have a somewhat organised cave for being my lazy manor that I am. Feel free to email me about messenger info if you wanna chat, no interested in giving it out all here. I have been married to a geek for 25 years.

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Sure wish I would have had this info 24 years ago. It would have saved a lot of heartache for both of us.

So what are the best dating sites for geeks?

Oh well, better late than never! Fantastic observations. Amazingly accurate description of me. I work on my current projects in my cave with my 4 computers. I crave information and love puzzles — anything to solve. I think we get along so well because we have similar outlooks on life, even though our specific interests differ. In fact, I have started to like doing both which is just as well as I have to do both of those things regularly.

However, this does not render those observations in the article invalid. I think the control freak issue is the most important one behind all this. Hence the cave, where you are totally in control or at least, you like to think so. For me, traveling is OK, as long as the trip is at least planned to some extent, so I know what to expect more or less see, that gives the feeling of control. For the same reason, I prefer traveling by car or bike over public transportation. With public transportation, you never know how much you will be delayed, and if it happens, there is nothing you can do about it no control.

In a car, you have the feeling you are in control. It seems that for me, rain is the thing that can get me into a seriously bad mood for no good i. The reason? Of course, I cannot control whether it rains when I have to be outside.. So, the particular things that people err, nerds hate or that may cause them to blow up for no apparent reason whatsoever may be quite different, but I think the basic issue is that they feel like they have no control over the situation.

And even if it does, who cares? Measured against such a scale, most things suddenly seem much more relative and trivial. See things in perspective. Using such an attitude can get you through the first few times you have to do something new. Of course your audience is an even more important factor than yourself — a factor which is not within your control. However, you at least anticipate their likely background to some extent, thus creating a mental model of your audience, etc.

Yeah well lol what happens when two nerds get together ha ha. We both have to make projects for each other. I make a project over cleaning the house tough project. He makes one out of going outside and doing something. And now we have two nerd kids a 3 year old who knows the Star Wars theme song by heart at the age of 2. Where and how does a Nerd reflect on the importance of these three things in order of importance please.

I am one of the nerd wives who got this article from their husbands. What are you programming? Your article starts very scary for me. You actually helped me understand why my husband is still with me after five years: something that I thought was my shortcoming, quirks and significant unpredictability, is actually a good thing here. Then I nearly cried at the end. You missed the biggest point. Take an interest in the nerds project. Even if that interest is pretty superficial. This is wonderful. Food: Food would have to be first on the list as it is requred for survival but only for reasons of survival.

Women: Women or any people in that matter are second on the list as they can often be intelectualy stimulating most of the time I avoid people as they are confusing and not efficient. Sex: That leaves sex at the bottom of my list as it has inteliectual stimulation and is not required for survival. Sex: That leaves sex at the bottom of my list as it has no intellectual stimulation and is not required for survival. I love my nerd www. I once thought I would have a small slice of desk in that room. Now I know it is not to be. This might also be helpful to parents who feel as though they have another species on their hands.

Like my gregarious mother who never did understand the resistance she got when she moved me out of my bedroom my cave, my cave! Now it is official. I am a nerd. For me, it is a wake-up call, a better understanding of how to improve myself being a nerd and all.

I thought myself as a very different person, very much different from peoples around you, until now. After read your post it seems to me that all nerds are so-so very similar! Your have a very observant mind. Thanks to you now I know what kind of traits I must watch in a person to find someone like me. Therefore, I believe that everyone is a nerd in some way.

We all have our quirks, and we all behave in those nerdy ways at one time or another, we just have to accept it. Fortuneately, this article helped me to realize how a nerd works, and how people work in general. You really did your homework on the pyschology of a nerd, and explained it in a way everyone could understand. I like it. If only you had written and published this years ago! It would certainly have saved me a lot of grief. Well described. Imagine 15, people like that gathered in one area, and you have a basic description of Mountain View, CA.

My nerd is flippin awesome so hes good enough to keep around for awhile, and you have done a phenomenal job of helping me to appreciate him just that much better and to stop taking some of his jerky attitude the wrong way. Great article, describes me pretty good. The only thing I would add is a section on Nerd Families, covering the bits when the two adult Nerds carry on a conversation about two completely different things without noticing each of them is talking about something else, while the Young Nerd s not only follow and respond to each separate topic, but have their own unrelated topic going.

This guide is great to tell the neurotypical how to cope with a highly functional autistic nerd in the context of a neurotypical dominated society. Very nice article! I just got the link from lifehacker. I become fascinated by things to the point of obsession, then figure them out, then become bored with them!!! Hi there, i must say i enjoyed very much reading this post. It was sent to me by my nerd boyfriend lol. Most of what you said applies very well to him, but not all.

This outlay on people is about a person that is OCD, not a nerd. While there are tidbits of similarity in function, the actions are all wrong and too stereotyped. I read this entire thing woah, relevancy! If only my family spoke English… They have a hard time viewing non-neurotypical behavior as anything but a problem to be set upon and destroyed and I am simply hard-wired to be a Nerd -ette. When I walk in the room i. The partner of a nerd is also an enigma: masochistic, low self-esteem, likely an alcoholic or addict, probably happy to be ignored most of the time, and of course, in denial.

I think you have a knack for words and described my soon-to-be husband quite accurately.

The Summer I Became a Nerd (Nerd, #1) by Leah Rae Miller

I am outgoing and social and after meeting someone who expresses interest in topics he prefers or enjoys I introduce them and let the conversation commence. I think living with him will be interesting and I hope that me as a Project never ends. I believe being a woman and an emotional one at that will allow this Project to continue for a long while. My nerd is the one who sent this to me with the comment that this should help me understand him better.

It does and I thank you for writing it. This article really helped me understand my boyfriend of 5 years. As I was going down the list of things, I could have sworn that someone had been observing his life and then wrote about it. Now all the silly, seemingly un-understandable things he does make so much more sense! This is our son, and to a degree, his father. I hope his mother reads the whole thing before before her attention wanders. But seriously, my boyfriend fell in love with me because he found out that I always carry a gameboy where ever I go.

I fell in love with him cause of all the damn doting attention. Then he sent me this link. Thank you for explaining. Besides, I know how to play his game. Thank you for this delicious blog. It so helps to affirm that I am making the right decision right now. Being with a nerd is not easy, and you do have to understand your relevance in his world — but the rewards far outweigh the quirks.

It also helps to be a bit of a nerd myself. This describes my nerdy brother to a T and explains a lot. Thanks for helping me understand him better. I was linked to this via a chain of blogrolling clicks. I have nerd-ish tendencies, but was Married to a nerd for 7 years. Reading this made me smile about our time together, even though the divorce has been a control-issue-laden battle ground for both of us.

That explains it. I met the greatest guy — essentially online of course. So smart, clever, and driven. The humor in his emails never ceased to surprise me. For a while I thought he had a girlfriend. Turns out he has a cave. Guess I was a project. But then again, maybe he was too. Loved the article. I have never been invited to the cave but its talked about. You did not address any sexual problems that occur with the nerd. Anytime I attempt too get close to my nerd he puts up a wall that would make Hadrian jealous. He blushes a lot but when I flirt but he tries to avoid anthing remotely sexual.

Please do an article about this subject. I have found what I can do to be a project: I will ask a question that he really has to think about, give him time to process and then ask for his answer and give my own. I get the chance to dazzle him with my brilliance while I bask in his. This usually get him to smile, at least for a while. I could go on forever. Pleas write more articles about this subject. If this is the discription of a nerd ,then id advice to conduct a survey wid the men in the world and trust me every single one of them wud try and fall in to this nerds category or may be women as well who dont have the will to commit their lives to their loved ones.

Thanks to your blog i can finally understand my boyfriend. Thank you so much now he actually makes sense. Reading this feels strange. Thanks for the Post, thanks for your fine Post. I will come back soon. Great information about ps3 hack: PS3 Hack. I am a female nerd yes, we do exist. Multitasking is not possible for me, I am mildly autistic and have a very one track brain. I still have my cave but it is book-lined and sometimes interrupted by my boyfriend watching TV in the way you described, flicking between channels, which is annoying to me.

Thanks to the way my brain works I also have porta-cave functionality. This article was word for word a description of my life. It made me feel more connected to the universe and less excluded for having Aspergers syndrome. This is incredible writing and I owe a lot to the author for piecing together this for me. Oh my god. And yes, I see it like a system. But my social side is different. I operate like the others to disguise myself from being perceived as a Nerd. Its bad enough I have red hair, but look nothing like the stereotypical Ginger.

I throw stuff around in my room at home, but I know where every little scrap of paper is. Living with several other boys Two are Chinese that can hardly speak English and being put under a military regimen has dulled that side of me. While a lot of it seems to be accurate for a large number of people considered nerds, the assumption of knowability is essentially false for any nerd that has sought to understand quantum physics, statistics or politics. This can be potentially dangerous, in both directions non-nerd reading this article, and nerd with incomplete model , in that humans, in general, are likely to get flatly pissed off when a partially accurate model containing potentially insulting attributes is unquestioningly applied to them.

I very much enjoyed this article. Unfortunately I will not be able to share it due to the vulgar language which seems very out of place given the mostly intellectual non-emotional topic…. Thank you for putting this in print. Now I need to get my wife to read this…after she stops being mad at me for being a jerk again. Nerd is not a sin.

So, with your articles, people should know that nerd is unique and special person. Okay, that is a great depiction of a typical nerd. Nerds have had and still have a tough time adjusting themselves to deal with the dazzling fonts that describe the world as it is. However, times are changing and nerds being very fast learners are adapting and or creating their own systems to deal with the issues they face.

Great article — an every nerds handbook. How about books? This was actually dead on… I never thought about why I do the things I do, but it makes sense. Interesting post. I enjoyed it very much! Please keep doing the good things that you are doing now. Dane Willitzer. Great post! Best of luck! Also, you two should put this Project business into your prenup, just in case you as a Project does end if he finds another project an online community of people cheering on anti-emtional rhetoric; a younger, perkier woman, whatever.

Will he give a damn and feel ashamed that he did something to hurt a person who loves him and needs parental care from him? Will he respond some other way?

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Like A Surgeon (Official Video)

I was nodding along to every sentence you wrote! It describes me perfectly!! I am proud to be a nerd. And you should have a look at my girlfriend. Oh yeah 5th grade it was Yu-GI-Oh. And i eat at lightspeed compared to my family and i love my cave and…I think you get the picture. I utilized to be questioning if you may enjoy to be a customer poster on my web site?

Please reply once you get an opportunity and I will send you my get in touch with particulars — thank you. Fantastic informativ publish. Thank U for assisting details. After all, we are happily most of the time providing great interest and listening ears to our families. He should do this particularly if they are his wife and, in the name of Apple, especially if they are his children.

Something additionally troubling to me is the truck load of self-congratulatory narcissistic? I see now how truly lucky we are? I will continue to hope for the rest of you that this behavioral description, and the eager willingness of so many to superimpose it onto your self-images, is a bit tongue-in-cheek? You know, your article is quite insultive! You are wrong. The nerds you describe are dying off, alone, in their caves. Because they failed to be REAL nerds. They failed to do what all software does. When a piece of software gets old, nerds update that software with NEW code.

And these nerds, because they are REAL nerds, they apply the same logic to their own life style. When their behaviours are old and stale and lead nowhere, they update them and become socially acceptable, they use fonts, they use transparent windows, they use pretty flowers as desktop wallpaper to show their respect for the environment.